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In a world full of eBooks, iPads, iPhones and Kindles, it is so refreshing to hold and read beautiful looking books. At Chandler Book Design we can help you create a book that really does stand out from the rest.

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For something that extra special, either for family history, coffee table or historical subjects. We can source the best printers who use the finest of materials, when digital print is not suitable.

We will guide you through the minefield of contemporary book design to produce a book that is that little bit different, a cut above average, mass-market big sellers, in both content and form.

Thirty Years in Wilderness Wood

Hardback with dust jacket
Specially commissionned illustration using traditional block printing techniques, superb reproduction in litho. This book needed to use all recycled or sustainable sources which we tried to do as much as possible.

A Caravan Holiday 1932

Hardback with PPC cover
This was a lovely project to work, an old scrap book made by an artist who had a holiday in summer 1932. It was found and a publisher decided to buy the rights and produce it as a book. I took inspiration for the design from the original and made it look like a scrap book with different colour pages and so. We had great fun with this.

Printed on quality paper, the block was sewn and bound at a small craft bindery using traditional methods, and finished by hand. The case has been covered in high grade Dubletta cotton cloth, then foil blocked in two colours from a commissioned illustration, organised by Chandler Book Design. Inside is as luxuriant as the front, being Limited Edition and hand numbered, with a full colour illustration and specially designed drop caps and chapter headings, again arranged by us.

Carnival of the Flesh

This was a limited printed edition, it had be very different from usual hardback books. We commissioned an illustrator to produce some stunning pieces of art including the title page graphics. The front cover 3 different colour foils to on real cotton cloth for the case covering. Coloured endpapers and printed on a very fine quality paper.

Follow the Master

Hardback with PPC cover
Family histories are becoming very popular, customers are researching their family are producing books to share what they have found.

Stepping into the Past

A local archaeology society commissioned this book of a step by step guide of walks with an historical interested in their local area. Complete with maps and images this book needed to be clear and easy to use.