Kobo, iPad and Kindle Self-Publishing

An e-book makes your title instantly available to a wider audience. With no costly initial print run, self-publishing on a Kindle, Kobo, iPad or other e-reader is proving to be a quick and popular route for self-publishers and first-time authors to launch their book. However getting the cover design and text layout right for an e-book is even more critical, as you may have a cover that will look stunning on a book shelf but with an e-cover you have a much smaller area to grab the buyer’s attention. Whether on an Amazon Kindle or iPad we will ensure your e-cover really stands out from the rest!

We also do other electronic books in PDF format…

  • Mono or colour layouts as appropriate
  • Creation of a consistent style and layout template
  • Mobi files for the Kindle and epub files for other readers
  • Table of contents, copyright, about the author and dedication pages
  • Pagination and page orientation
  • Correction of extra white space, mixed fonts, incorrect use of dashes
  • Bookmarks and hyperlinks

ebook text settting