colour books

The Pizza that Ponged
Paperback colour
Children’s books are becoming very popular, this one was designed for a local artist who decided to write a book. Superb illustrations, it really makes this book special.

Full colour books, digitally or litho printed we can achieve very good colour reproduction. Our computers are fully colour calibrated to ensure we achieve the best possible results.

It’s always good when something turns out exactly as you had envisaged. I gave Chandler Book Design all the ingredients – they baked me a lovely book! Fair and friendly, no stress – a good recommendation.”
Doreen Hebron B.A.
Artist & author

We design books with a clean, easy to read style and choose the appropriate fonts and layout to ensure it is legible and readable. We can add textures, icons, unique fonts, drop caps and even graphics where needed to make your book look interesting and striking.

Moving on after Cancer
Hardback colour
Information book presented and designed in such a way that was easy to read and clear layout.

Intelligent Customer Engagment
Paperback colour
Marketing book, complete with designed diagrams and charts displayed in a clean contemporary way.

Bee Keeping
Paperback colour
Ever wanted to know how to build a hive and look after bees, this book gives you a detailed information to do so. We designed this for a photographer who supplied some stunning images to accompany his text file. We put it all together and produced this wonderful book.

Cooking Chillies
Paperback colour
Such a great book, our client supplied his own images and we produced this recipe book. He sourced his own print via Ingram Sparks, we just supplied hi-res print ready PDF’s to Ingram Sparks specifications.