book cover design + interior

All of our book cover designs are bespoke and unique and will instantly convey the idea behind your manuscript in a creative and appealing way that will ensure your book stands out of the shelf. We never use template based designs.

Chandler Book Design understands what it takes to sell your book effectively and we will create a unique eye-catching cover that conveys the tone and style of your book.

If you already have a good idea of how you want the cover to look then that is fine – we will put the elements together, based on your design, to a print ready standard.

  • cover designs specifically for you
  • options of using one image to illustrated
  • committed to very high standards
  • professionally laid out interiors
  • easy and hassle-free service
  • hardback or paperback

we will make the whole process as easy as possible

We use a wide selection of different illustrators each in their own style and technique. All available through our cover design service to suit any project.

Excellent laid out internal pages, complete with page numbering, table of contents and index if required. We do layouts for simple novels type books and also more complex like business reports and other genres for example history where there is a lot of images, tables and other formatting. If you require a colour book fully designed and the need to be creative please look at our colour books and speciality books sections.

An example of a bespoke cover design using high quality images to create an original cover. We have a full range of different design options to suit everybody’s needs and requirements. Please ask us for more information.

… we are committed to providing a first class service, we will want you to use us again