Our book design showcase

A Carnival of the Flesh by Andrew J. Lambie

“We at Chandler Book Design are proud to showcase this title. In a world full of digital ebooks, iPads, iPhones and Kindles, it is so refreshing to hold and read such a beautiful book. Printed on quality paper, the block is sewn and bound at a small bindery near Oxford using traditional methods, and finished by hand. The case has been covered in high grade Dubletta cotton cloth, then foil blocked in two colours from a commissioned illustration, organised by Chandler Book Design. Inside is as luxuriant as the front, being Limited Edition and hand numbered, with a full colour illustration and specially designed drop caps and chapter headings, again arranged by us. The book is a pleasure to read and hold and will be something you will treasure.”

“As for the read itself, Andrew J. Lambie is an exciting new author who captures your imagination and instantly grabs your interest. It is a lively book which I am enjoying reading, and the printing and display complements the story.”

The publisher says:

“From the beginning, Guerilla Books set out to produce books that are a little different, that is: a cut above average, mass-market big sellers, in both content and form.”

“Finding the appropriate author can be tricky enough, but finding the right people to guide us through the minefield of contemporary book design could have been a nightmare. Luckily, John Chandler and his personable crew have been on hand through every stage, from concept to finished tome. John understood at once we were after something exceptional, and he delivered and then some. He is professional, accessible, and extremely efficient, and has the essential knack of great designers of listening to what is desired and being able to convert it into imagery, rather than foist his own interpretation on the project.”

“We’ve now completed four titles with Chandler Book Design. We look forward to many more.”


Growing Chillies by Jason Nickels

“I knew that my book ‘Growing Chillies’ needed expert input to bring out the pictures and ensure the layout was consistent and professional. Also, this was my first book, and I needed some guidance through the publishing process.

After talking to a number of companies I settled on Chandler Book Design. From our first conversation Fran and John were helpful, informative, and promptly answered any email queries. I was immediately impressed with the layout that John suggested and he was prompt in supplying example pages. My book incorporated 114 colour photographs and throughout the design stage John offered enough creative advice and input to make things run smoothly, and give good results, but without ever being pushy or making me feel uncomfortable.

During the proofing and indexing stage any changes were effected promptly and accurately and in the end the delivery of the final copy was inside the agreed deadline.

I was a novice, and I am grateful to Chandler Book Design for their help and advice. It resulted in a successful book, and one which I will always be proud of.”


Men Can Do It! by Gideon Burrows

“I worked with Chandler Design on the print and e-book version of my latest non-fiction title, Men Can Do It!, and was impressed by the design skill, speed and flexibility.

John seemed to immediately ‘get’ what I was after in terms of the cover image, and the feel of the layout of the book, but was pleased to add his professional expertise to build on my own ideas to create something that really worked. He was patient as I chopped and changed my deadlines, and understanding and accommodating about the last minute tweaks I needed.

Throughout, I felt we were working together on the book, rather than him providing a strict get-what-you-pay-for service; that was really appreciated, because I was learning as I was going along. He filled in the gaps with his professional knowledge, as well as his design and layout skills.

John clearly knows the book trade well, and his contribution to my titles only improved the overall product, while making the whole experience enjoyable. That alone offered great value for money, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his flexible, responsive services to any budding author or established publishing house.”


The Kitchen Baby by Angus Kennedy

“Traditionally I come from a magazine publishing background and recently moved into self (indie) publishing. What an experience that was too! I read all the books about book and e-book publishing and also, well we all know that you absolutely have to have a good front cover for your book, I spent night after night writing my book called The Kitchen Baby, and I literally started from scratch.

I called John at Chandler Book Design and he has been a pleasure to work with. Check this out – my book, The Kitchen Baby was featured in the Daily Mirror this week! It’s then going into That’s Life, Prima magazine and I have been on the radio and also TV. You don’t get better than that! But this has been a dream for 30 years so it doesn’t happen over night. But you sleep better with a professional job done on your book.

So don’t let the cover down, don’t blow your cover, you have to have a good one and even though I have designers at work who are into magazines, books are different and you will need a pro to do it and the formatting. For that reason I went to John Chandler and the result was a really good cover and design. I have started a new publishing company now and he converted the files to ePub and mobi and saved me hours. I had other quotes and his prices were reasonable and the cover was great!

Publishing books is tough, you need to invest in the cover and editing or its game over. The proof is the piece we had in the Daily Mirror thus week and numerous interviews. The Kitchen Baby just topped the number one position on Amazon for the parenting category so I am really happy. They say how do you do that? How do you land a category best seller? The answer is of course, write a best seller first and then treat it like one!”